Sandi, Zvisinei

Zvisinei SandiZVISINEI SANDIholds an MA in Philosophy from the University of Zimbabwe, subsequently studying at the New School of Social Research at Stanford University. She has taught at the Zimbabwe Open University and Masvingo State University (now Great Zimbabwe National University), and has worked as a journalist for the state-owned Sunday Mail and Kwayedza newspapers, as well as the then independent FinancialGazette. She was the first secretary-general of the Senior Society for Gender Justice. Persecuted for her political views, Zvisinei took the Zimbabwe Newspaper Group as well as the Zimbabwe Republic Police to court and obtained redress. She has been published by Mambo Press in Creatures Great and Small, by Lancaster University in association with the British Council in the CrossingBorders Magazine, in the Poetry International on-line magazine<>, and in the Munyori Poetry Journal. Zvisinei was published in Women Writing Zimbabwe(2008).