Terence Ranger obituary

First published in the Guardian. 18.1.15

A champion of African nationalism, and one of the continent’s most radical and influential historians

Jocelyn Alexander and David Maxwell

In 1963, Terence Ranger, who has died aged 85, was deported from minority-ruled Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). He had earned the enmity of the country’s government for his engagement with a burgeoning African nationalist movement, and for doing so from within the respectable halls of what was then called the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, the only university in Salisbury (now Harare).

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Review of Writing Revolt - Stanely Mushava

Terence Ranger and Zimbabwe’s nationalist politics

 The Herald February 24, 2014 Opinion & Analysis

 Review by Stanely Mushava


Stanely Mushava Literature Today
Book: Writing Revolt

Author: Terence Ranger
Publisher: Weaver Press (2013)

Terence Ranger’s latest personal offering, Writing Revolt: An Engagement with African Nationalism, 1957-67, is a vastly riveting account which tags the historian in the mid-century revolutionary ferment. ‘Of the making of many books about Zimbabwe there seems to be no end,’ Ranger observes in his 2011 instalment for ‘Africa: The Journal of the International African Institute’, assigning ‘inexplicably popular white Zimbabwe memoirs’ to an ephemeral shelf life cluster.

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Review of Writing Revolt - Trevor Grundy




WRITING REVOLT – An engagement with African Nationalism 1957-1967 by Terence Ranger (James Currey, London; Weaver Press, Harare 2013, 182 pp.)


Reviewed by Trevor Grundy


Professor Terence Ranger needs no introduction to students of Africa, or to those who helped turn white-ruled southern Rhodesia into black-governed Zimbabwe in April 1980. This Oxford University academic is respected for many things: his work as a writer and historian, his stand against racism in Africa and Europe and now this, his latest book Writing Revolt which is a memoir of a turbulent time – 10 years that shook the African earth.

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