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Zimbabwe's Plunge
Exhausted Nationalism, Neoliberalism and the Search for Social Justice
Patrick Bond and Masimba Manyanya
2003: (pp: 324) 230 x 150 mm
ISBN: 1770220057

Business Tribune
24 October 2003
Reviewer: Kamurai Mudzingwa

Zimbabwe's Plunge is a rare and unique book about Zimbabwe's geo-political and economic situation. The book, with consistent objectivity and the precision of a butcher's cleaver, analyses the link between finance and politics and buy sale ventolin online the way these have contributed to the economic predicament in Zimbabwe.

The simple and dynamic style appeals to a wide readership including politicians, economists, historians, academics, secondary school students and ordinary people who want to have knowledge about Zimbabwe's current socio-economic problems and their possible solutions.

There are 5 chapters and 4 appendices, all of which are packed with comprehensive information that is complemented by simple statistical representations and excerpts of interviews with notable politicians like Nathan Shamuyarira and former finance minister Simba Makoni.

The book's central argument revolves around 90 years of colonialism that engendered uneven development 'around which debt bubbles rose and Zimbabwe's Plunge is definitely a book that must be read by anyone interested in an unbiased view of the global and domestic geo-politics and the manner in which they have destroyed the once vibrant economy of the country.

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