A Casualty of Power has been longlisted by the African 9Mobile Prize for Literature


Mukuka ChipantaWEAVER PRESS is delighted to announce that A Casualty of Power by Mukuka Chipanta has been longlisted by the African 9Mobile Prize for Literature.

Mukuka Chipanta’s debut novel is a thoughtful piece of fiction and interestingly written, … [and] a very welcome contribution not only to the debate about Chinese-Zambian relations, but also to the Zambian literary world, and African literature in general. Stephanie Lämmert – Copperbelt History

For a debut, A Casualty of Power is a must read for all lovers of African Literature and Mukuka Chipanta has definitely established himself in Africa’s literary hall of buy cialis 60mg now fame. It is quite clear that this author has talent and great promise. Taurai Chinyanganya




Book review: ‘A Casualty of Power’ - Comparing the Copperbelt

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Source: Book review: ‘A Casualty of Power’ Mukuka Chipanta • Comparing the Copperbelt


Beaven Tapureta – Bookshelf

Source: Zambian author focuses on China-Africa relations • The Herald


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The Herald posted the wrong photo of Mukuka

A review of A Casualty of Power in the buy drugs online viagra great britain Herald with the wrong photo of Mukuka.


Here is the real Mukuka Chipanta signing books at a book launch.

Mukuka Chipanta at book launch

A Casualty of Power - Reviewed by William R. Schreck, Jr.

If a talented story-teller encapsulates an entire culture and country, then this brave novel depicts nothing short of the new reality that is Africa, and it has the temerity to name the co-conspirators, whether they are African, Chinese or Western. In this sense this classic story is also a very modern one. Although Africans may appreciate this novel more, this perceptive analysis of modern-day Africa opens a path of exploration, especially for us non-Africans.

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A Casualty of Power - A review by T. L. Chinyanganya

A Casualty of Power reads something like a thriller, and it is as difficult to put down, while simultaneously exploring some of the fundamental issues bedevilling post-colonial Africa. The experiences that Hamoonga Moya, the Zambian protagonist, endures will resonate with many in the sub-region. Corruption in high places and the recolonization of assets by our fair-weather friends offers a reality that we are quick to recognise. Hamoonga, a hopeful young student, becomes inadvertently caught up in a web of corruption and buy cheap cialis australia violence, suffering for crimes that he never committed.

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A Casualty of Power - Review By Gilbert Braspenning, Africa Book Link

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Source: A Casualty of Power • Read African Books

Speech by Milan Djordjevic at the uk tablets viagra online launch of A Casualty of Power

A Casualty of Power

By Mukuka Chipanta

Launched by Milan Djordjevic

Honorary Consul of Austria


Tuesday, 29th November, 2016

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