Review of Immortalizing the Past by Paul Hubbard

Editor and compiler: A Nhamo
ISBN: 978-1-77922-065-3 (hardcover)
Weaver Press, Harare 2007
Prelims vi, pages 182, illustrations XXX
ZAR 180, US$ 25

Paul Hubbard
7 Hillside Road, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
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Peter Garlake, the foremost researcher on the rock art of Zimbabwe, said in his history of Zimbabwean rock art studies that ‘[n]o one better exemplifies the strengths of such amateurs and the contributions that they could make to prehistory in an undeveloped country than Lionel Cripps’ (Garlake 1993:3). Unfortunately, Cripps’ extraordinary contribution to the study of rock art has remained largely unknown as he published very little while, since his death in 1950, his numerous volumes of copies have lain virtually untouched in the cupboards of the Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences in Harare. Therefore, Ancila Nhamo, the University of Zimbabwe Archaeology Unit and the National Museums & Monuments of Zimbabwe (NMMZ) are to be congratulated on making this representative collection of his pictures available.

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