Reclaiming the Resources for Health

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A regional analysis of equity in health in east and southern Africa This valuable resource book examines:

• 1: Progress in health analyses inequalities within and between communities and countries in southern Africa; and looks at the links between poverty, inequality and health.

• 2: Reclaiming the economic resources for health maps the outflow of resources from Africa, and the effect of this on food security and access to medicines.

• 3: Building universal, comprehensive peoplecentred health systems explores the ways in which health systems can make a difference.

• 4: Fair financing of health systems considers options for increasing the resources for health and for providing services for people with the greatest need.

• 5: Reclaiming investments in health workers outlines the outflows of health workers from vital health services and discusses measures to value and retain health workers in the region.

• 6: Organising people-centred health systems looks at ways of empowering people, stimulating social action and building alliances to promote equity-oriented health systems.

• 7: Taking action to reclaim the resources for health provides a summary and proposes targets and indicators to signal progress in key dimensions of health equity, and towards meeting regional and global commitments. Although the health picture for east and southern Africa is currently quite bleak, the spirit that emerges across the seven sections of the book is one of hope.

Published with the Regional Network for Health in East and Southern Africa, EQUINET.
ISBN: 978 1 77922 066 0
pp. 240; 260 x 200 mm