Girls on the Street - Rumbidzai Rurevo & Michael Bourdillon

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Why do some girls try to live their lives on the city streets? What happens to them when they find themselves there? How do they survive? Why do they not accept help to leave? Rumbidzai Rurevo spent two months researching these questions, helping where she could, and eliciting the stories of the girls' lives.

Girls on the Street tells these stories. Some of the girls have fled harsh conditions at home, and once on the streets they struggle to survive in any way they can. Having learned to live independently, they find it hard to adapt to any other way of life; for them, the future is bleak. A few, however, work on the streets but have homes to go to at night, and receive support from their families; for them, the future holds some promise.

'Girls on the Street is an important contribution to our understanding of street children in Zimbabwe, and will help inform the efforts of aid workers, social welfare officers, government personnel, etc., in devising programmes that
are relevant and appropriate to their needs.' (Chris McIvor, Programme Director for Save the buy xenical online without a prescription Children (UK), Zimbabwe.)

2003: (pp: 78) 210 x 138 mm
ISBN: 0779220170




  • Background
  • Introduction
  • Street children
  • Treatment and pharmacy purchase viagra perceptions
  • Intervention programmes
  • The study methods
  • The children's stories
  • What we have learned
  • Why girls are on the streets
  • Coping
  • Interventions
  • What can be done to help?
  • Bibliography