From Wilderness Vision to Farm Invasions - Conservation and Development in Zimbabwe’s South-Eastern Lowveld by William Wolmer

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African people were written out of the landscape in many parts of colonial Zimbabwe. Landscapes as well as being physical spaces, are invested with meaning, Conservation and development programmes in Zimbabwe's south-east Lowveld have been rooted in the conceptualisation of this landscape as wilderness: either one to be tamed into a productive landscape by white 'pioneers', or a pristine natural landscape to be preserved, rehabilitated or consciously manufactured.
Land reform has failed to take account of the way the landscape is bound up with identity through its embodiment of ancestral spirits and its function as a repository of social memories. An awareness of the multiple nature of livelihood strategies, the debate concerning restitution of ancestral lands, would go some way toward improving livelihood in the Lowveld.

ISBN 1779221456
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