Beyond the Crises: Zimbabwe's Prospects for Transformation - Edited by Tendai Murisa and Tendai Chikweche

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Over the past few years, few African countries have been the focus of as much discussion and analyses as Zimbabwe. The socio-economic and political crises since the turn of the century have deeply transformed the country from the ideals of a vibrant freshly independent nation just two decades earlier. These transformations have necessitated the call for the restructuring of Zimbabwean society, polity and economy. But much of this literature remains exclusively within the realm of academic thinking and theorising with no concerted effort to move beyond this by explicitly drawing out the policy implications. Beyond the Crises: Zimbabwe’s Prospects for Transformation is a welcome edition to the academic and policy literature with much broader and all-embracing focus in terms of policy interventions and different aspects of social and economic justice. Indeed, Murisa and Chikweche go beyond initiating a broad discussion on these two key pillars of human development with a view to suggesting possible future directions of practical solutions and policy development for the attainment of inclusive social and economic justice for Zimbabweans.

Tendai Murisa (PhD) is currently the Executive Director of Trust Africa, based in Dakar, Senegal. His main interests focus on promoting processes of inclusive development through research, policy advocacy and the development of innovative systems of inclusion and equitable access to economic opportunities. Murisa holds a doctorate in Sociology from Rhodes University in South Africa.

Tendai Chikweche (PhD) is an academic and independent management consultant with extensive corporate and research experience on emerging markets, strategy marketing, and entrepreneurship development. He has worked for a number of local and international companies in a number of countries and he has also taught at universities in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Australia.

Contributors: Tendai Chikweche, Chipo Plaxedes Mubaya, Kingstone Mujeyi, Tendai Murisa, Mzime Ndebele-Murisa, Mukundi Mutasa, Patience Mutopo, and Munyaradzi Aubrey Nyaguse


ISBN: 978-0-7974-6761-3 (Trust Africa)

ISBN: 978-1-1-77922-285-5 (Weaver Press)