Beyond Proprietorship - Edited by B.B. Mukamuri, J.M. Manjengwa & S. Anstey

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This book is a result of the conference held in honour of professor Marshal M. Murphree that took place in Zimbabwe May 2007. Murphree is well known for his in understanding the relationship between humans and their environment, and was particularly concerned with the issues of livelihoods, resource utilisation, access and control of all which are addressed by a range of scholars in this volume.

Published in association with the Centre of Applied Social Sciences (CASS), University of Zimbabwe.

ISBN: 9781779220721




  • Chapter 1
    Introduction: Billy Mukamuri, Jeannette Manjengwa and Simon Anstey
  • Chapter 2
    Murphree’s Laws, Principles, Rules and Definitions – Rowan B. Martin
  • Chapter 3
    Rethinking the Building Blocks: A Critique of Demand Driven Decentralisation in Chizvirizvi Resettlement Area in Chiredzi District of Zimbabwe – Chaka Chirozva
  • Chapter 4
    Beacon and Barometer: CBNRM and Evolutions in Local Democracy in Southern Africa – Simon Anstey
  • Chapter 5
    Global-Local Linkages: The Meaning of CBNRM in Global Conservation Politics – Rosaleen Duffy
  • Chapter 6
    Rural Institutions: Challenges and Prospects for the Active Participation in Natural Resources Governance in Zimbabwe – Billy Mukamuri
  • Chapter 7
    More than Socially Embedded: The Distinctive Character of ‘Communal Tenure’ Regimes in South Africa and its Implications for Policy – Ben Cousins
  • Chapter 8
    Conflicts and Commercialisation Pressures over Forest Resources in the Post-Fast Track Land Reform Context in Zimbabwe: A Case of Seke Communal Lands – Shylock Muyengwa
  • Chapter 9
    Gender Issues Surrounding Water Development and Management in Chishawasha Settlement Area – Chipo Plaxedes Mubaya
  • Chapter 10
    Participatory Development of Community-Based Management Plans for Livestock Feed Resources in Semi-arid Areas of Zimbabwe: Experiences from Lower Guruve District – Bright Mombeshora, Frank Chinembiri and Tim Lynam
  • Chapter 11
    Local Enviromental Action Planning: Making it Work – Jeannette Manjengwa
  • Chapter 12
    Trying to Make Sense of it All: Dealing with the Complexities of Community-Based Natural Resource Management – Michael A. Jones
  • Chapter 13
    Taking Murphree’s Principles into the Future: The Research and Development Issues for CBNRM Initiatives in Southern Africa – Billy Mukamuri, Jeannette Manjengwa and Simon Anstey