Writing Lives - Edited by Irene Staunton

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Weaver Press is pleased to announce the publication of the second edition of Writing Lives, a collection of stories revolving around the theme of lives lived and/or one which encourages a play on style or content. The stories reflect the experiences of Zimbabweans as filtered through the lens of each author’s perceptions.


This edition, which includes three new short stories, offers a gamut of perspectives from the supernatural to the demands of hunger; from personal or political betrayal to nostalgia about the red Vienna, but each story adds a living, breathing dimension to the complex Zimbabwean narrative.


This new book is the eighth of Weaver’s anthologies of short stories following Writing Still, Writing Now, Laughing Now, Women WritingZimbabwe, Mazambuko, Writing Free, and the first edition of Writing Lives. Although times are hard, especially for the publishing industry, writing continues to live.


Writing Lives is available at Weaver Press and selected bookshops

ISBN: 978-1-77922-270-1