The Uncertainty of Hope - Valerie Tagwira


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Through the lives of Onai Moyo – a market woman and responsible mother, and her best friend Katy Nguni – a vendor and black-market currency dealer – we acquire an insight into the challenges that face those who only survive by their wits, their labour and their friendship. This richly detailed novel reveals how precarious the future was for the poor in 2005. However, if the lives of these two close friends are situated in a high-density suburb, Tagwira also introduces us to a wider cross-section of Zimbabwean society: Tom Sibanda, a young businessman and farmer, his girlfriend, Faith, a law student, Tom’s sister Emily, a doctor, and Mawaya, the ostensible beggar. With depth and sensitivity, Tagwira pulls these many threads into a densely woven novel that provides us with of some of the many faces of contemporary Zimbabwe.

 "An astonishing debut novel."

Charles Mungoshi

ISBN: 978 1 77922 063 9
pp. 368; 205 x 130 mm
Winner of the NAMA Award, 2008