In Dependence by Sarah Ladipo Manyika

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In Dependence can be described as a love story. But it is more than that. It traces the trajectory of Nigeria’s political history; the military coups, the bad and treacherous leadership, and its renewed tentative steps towards democracy. It speaks to the demise  – in the 1980s – of Nigeria’s international reputation and the country’s rapidly destabilizing reality. It looks at the poor whose situation never improved but actually worsened. Using events in Tayo’s life, it describes the effects of misrule on the country’s universities and the ensuing massive brain drain that Africa experienced. Sarah Manyika achieves all this with a voice and an outlook that is truly authentic and objective. The author captures the mood and feel of different decades and the three continents – Africa, Europe and America – that serve as settings for the story. Its scope is vast and sweeping.

 ‘Sarah Ladipo Manyika’s novel In Dependence has the subtle power of a well woven work, nothing is out of place… it is full of surprises.’ — Obi Nwankanama, Vanguard


‘A big and elegantly told story of lost love.’ — Brian Chikwava, Author of Harare North


Note that this edition includes an introduction by Kinna Likimani, revision questions for students, and a glossary.



ISBN: 978 1 77922 266 4