An Elegy For Easterly by Petina Gappah

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A township woman is surrounded by dusty children but longs for her own child; an old coffinmaker at No Matter Funeral Parlour finds unexpected riches; a politician’s widow stands quietly at her husband’s funeral watching his colleagues bury an empty coffin. Gappah’s characters may have ordinary dreams, but they live in a world where a loaf of bread costs half a million dollars; and a place where people know exactly what will be printed in the one daily newspaper where the news is never bad. In this spirited debut collection, Gappah celebrates the resilience and inventiveness of a people who struggle to live under an oppressive regime. The characters are always more than victims; they are all too human, with as much capacity to inflict pain as they have to endure it. They struggle with larger issues common to all people everywhere: failed promises, unfulfilled dreams and the yearning for something to anchor them to life.

ISBN: 978 0 571 24693 9
pp. 277; 215 x 136 mm
Distributed in Zimbabwe by Weaver Press