Sign and Taboo: Perspectives on the Poetic Fiction of Yvonne Vera - Edited by Robert Muponde & Mandi Taruvinga


Vera’s singular vision derived from a refusal to write with a conventional realism. This critical work demonstrates through a diversity of theoretical approaches the complex beauty of Vera’s works.

ISBN: 1779220049
pp. 236; 210x146mm




  • Introduction: Robert Muponde and Mandi Taruvinga
  • Chapter 1
    Language, Voice and Presence in Under the Tongue and Without a Name – Kizito Z. Muchemwa
  • Chapter 2
    ‘A River in my Mouth’: Writing the Voice in Under the Tongue – Meg Samuelson
  • Chapter 3
    The Habit of Assigning Meaning: Signs of Yvonne Vera’s world – Carolyn Martin Shaw
  • Chapter 4
    Imaginary Snapshots: Cinematic Techniques in the writing of Yvonne Vera – Jane Bryce
  • Chapter 5
    The Voice of Cloth: Interior Dialogues and Exterior Skins – Jessica Hemmings
  • Chapter 6
    Language, Kwela Music and Modernity in Butterfly Burning – Lizzy Attree
  • Chapter 7
    A Woman Speaks of Rivers: Generation and Sexuality in Yvonne Vera’s Novels – Carolyn Martin Shaw
  • Chapter 8
    Re-membering the Body: Rape and Recovery in Without a Name and Under the Tongue – Meg Samuelson
  • Chapter 9
    Iron Butterflies: Notes on Yvonne Vera’s Butterfly Burning – RankaPrimorac Chapter 10
    Yvonne Vera’s Without a Name: Reclaiming that which has been taken – Ruth Lavelle
  • Chapter 11
    The Sight of the Dead Body: Dystopia as Resistance in Vera’s Without a Name – Robert Muponde
  • Chapter 12
    Spirit Possession and the Paradox of Post-Colonial Resistance Yvonne Vera’s Nehanda–Maurice T. Vambe
  • Chapter 13
    Re-mapping the Colonial Space: Yvonne Vera’s Nehanda – Khombe Mangwanda Chapter14
    History, Gender and the Problem of Representation in the Novels of Yvonne Vera – Nana Wilson-Tagoe
  • Chapter 15
    A Comparative Analysis of Solomon Mutswairo’s and Yvonne Vera’s Handling of the Legend of Nehanda – Emmanuel Chiwome
  • Chapter 16
    Between the Pause and the Waiting: The struggle Against Time in Yvonne Vera’s Butterfly Burning – Violet Bridget Lunga
  • Chapter 17
    History has its Ceiling: The Pressures of the Past in The Stone Virgins – Terence Ranger