Practical Criticism for A-level Students of Literature - Edited and compiled by Jason Perlman, Taurai Chinyanganya, Kevin Hanssen, Njabulo Mbono and Irene Staunton

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Practical Criticism Is divided into three sections, Poetry, Drama and Narrative Prose, offering students an experience of over 60 writers from Zimbabwe and around the world, to give them an understanding of literary appreciation and new confidence in their developing skills.

Co-authored by a team of experienced literature scholars and practitioners, Practical Criticism has been crafted to give the student practice in analysing poems and excerpts from drama and prose narratives. The texts range from the classic and to the contemporary.

Although designed with A-level students and their teachers in mind, the book will be of value to anyone interested in literature. It includes an introduction to practical criticism, a glossary of useful literary terms and techniques, a series of questions calculated to direct the students’ (and teachers’) attention to important aspects of the texts, and practical ways of dealing with them.

Practical Criticism is an essential resource for students who wish to learn how to ask the right questions of a text and to express their answers clearly, while at the same time being introduced to new and exciting works of literature.

pp. 203