The Unsettled Land- State-Making & the Politics of Land in Zimbabwe 1893-2003 by Jocelyn Alexander

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This book engages with current debates on land and politics in Africa and provides a historical narrative for the Zimbabwean case.
In early 2000, a process variously termed as land invasions, occupations or demonstrations began in Zimbabwe. It has involved the movements of hundreds of thousands of black farmers onto mostly white-owned large-scale farms. The ZANU PF government has touted it as the end of colonialism but critics saw it as no more than opportunism on the part of a desperate government determined to stay in office.
… a valuable contribution to the literature on Zimbabwean politics. Its strengths are the author’s ability to take the longue duree in understanding the land question, revealing the issue in all its complexities …
- Chris Alden, London School of Economics and Political Science.

ISBN-10: 1779220553
2006: pp. 320;234x156mm