Striking Back: The Labour Movement and the Post- Colonial State in Zimbabwe 1980-2000 - Edited by Brian Raftopoulos & Lloyd Sachikonye

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This book examines the emergence of labour as a strong organisational and political force in the struggles against an increasingly authoritarian state.

ISBN: 0 7974 2286 2
pp. 316; 210 x 148 mm


  • Introduction: Brian Raftopoulos and Lloyd Sachikonye
  • Chapter 1
    The Labour Movement and the Emergence of Opposition Politics in Zimbabwe – Brian Raftopoulos
  • Chapter 2
    Radical Rhetoric and the Working Class During Zimbabwean- Nationalism’s Dying Days – Patrick Bond
  • Chapter 3
    The ZCTU’s Internationalism in A Global Era – Paris Yeros
  • Chapter 4
    The Institutional Development of Unions in Zimbabwe – Lloyd Sachikonye
  • Chapter 5
    Trade Unions and the Law – Lovemore Madhuku
  • Chapter 6
    Striking Ahead: Industrial Action and Labour Movement Development in Zimbabwe – Richard Saunders
  • Chapter 7
    Women, Workers and Discrimination in Zimbabwe – Naira Khan and Niki Jazdowska
  • Chapter 8
    Farm Workers and Trade Unions in Hurungwe District in Post-Colonial Zimbabwe – Blair Rutherford
  • Chapter 9
    Trade Unions and Labour in the Agricultural Sector in Zimbabwe – Yash Tandon
  • Chapter 10
    Legacy of Colonialism in Zimbabwe’s Labour Utilisation Model: Mineworkers’ Wages, Skills and Migration – Suzanne Dansereau