Sites of Struggle Edited by Brian Raftopoulos & Tsuneo Yoshikuni

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Essays in Zimbabwe’s Urban History

An examination of the development of urban settlement in modern Zimbabwe, from the end of the 19th century to post-independence.

ISBN: 0 7974 1984 5
pp. 278; 210 x 146 mm



  • Introduction: Brian Raftopoulos and Tsuneo Yoshikuni
  • Chapter 1
    The struggle for Profit and Participation by an Emerging Petty-Bourgeoisie in Bulawayo, 1893-1933 – Stephen Thornton
  • Chapter 2
    Culture, Organisation and Class: the African Experience in Salisbury, 1892-1935 – Richard Parry
  • Chapter 3
    ‘We are afraid to command our children’: Responses to the Urbanisation of African Women in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1930-44 – Theresa Barnes
  • Chapter 4
    Notes on the Influence of Town-Country Relations on African Urban History, Before 1957: Experiences of Salisbury and Bulawayo – Tsuneo Yoshikuni
  • Chapter 5
    Nationalism and Labour in Salisbury, 1953-65 – Brian Raftopoulos
  • Chapter 6
    The Mapping of Respectability and the Transformation of African Residential Space - Timothy Scarnecchia
  • Chapter 7
    The meaning of the 1948 General Strike in Colonial Zimbabwe – Jon Lunn
  • Chapter 8
    Capital in the City: a History of Urban Financial Flows Through Colonial Harare – Patrick Bond
  • Chapter 9
    Religion in the City – Carla F. Hallencreutz
  • Chapter 10
    Si ye pambile – Which way forward? Urban Development, Culture and Politics in Bulawayo – Preben Kaarsholm
  • Chapter 11
    Chimurenga in the Kia: Domestic Workers and the Liberation Struggle in Zimbabwe – John Pape