Re-Living the Second Chimurenga- Memories from Zimbabwe’s Liberation Struggle by Fay King Chung

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Fay King Chung served the Ministry of Education in post colonial Zimbabwe for 14 years. Her autobiographical account begins with her childhood experience in colonial Rhodesia. Like many Zimbabwean intellectuals of her generation, she joined the liberation struggle.

This retrospective offers a firs hand account of the internal conflicts in ZANU during the1970s, which culminated in the defeat of its left wing. Chung’s narrative include her experience in two guerilla camps. She described her encounters with, among others the charismatic Josiah Tongogara, a legendary military commander during Zimbabwe’s liberation war, who died on the eve of Zimbabwe’s independence.
This personal recollection of the struggle for Zimbabwean sovereignty concludes with an analysis of developments since 1980

ISBN: 9781779220464
2005: pp. 358;215x135mm