From Enslavement to Environmentalism- Politics on a Southern African Frontier by David McDemmott Hughes

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From Enslavement to Environmentalism takes a challenging ethnographic and historical at the politics of eco-development in the Zimbabwe-Mozambique border zone. David Hughes argues that European colonisation in Souther Africa- essentially an unsuccessful to turn thr region into another North America or Australia- has profoundly reshaped rural politics and culture and continues to do so to this day, as neo-liberal development commoditize the lands of African peasants in the name of conseravtion and economic progress.
Smart and origiona, this book will provoke interest and controversy among both advocates and critics of neo-liberal development policy in Africa. Its strength lies precisely in its bold conceptual framework and polemical style.
- Eric Worby, Yale University

ISBN: 1779220472
pp. 285;230x150 mm