All For Nothing? My Life Remembered by C.G. Tracey

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C.G. Tracey became a farmer at sixteen following the beginning of the Second World War. Entrepreneur, businessman, plant-breeder, racehorse-owner and breeder, sanctions-buster, chairman and director of many companies, husband, father and gentleman, C.G. was active and involved through the many unsettled years of Zimbabwe’s history: the Federation and its demise, Ian Smith’s UDI, international sanctions, the war of liberation, and the search to put the country on a sound footing after Zimbabwean independence in 1980. Having had considerable influence in the development of our still fledgling nation, in the closing years of his long life, he suffered the loss of his own farm in a period in which his brother, sister, and children were all tragically affected and his sister-in-law was murdered.

Tracey’s career is remarkable if not unique in its diversity, and the many sidelights that it throws on the history of this country makes its record an important document. When a more balanced view of our history comes to be made, these memoirs will become a much quoted source. - Professor Ray Roberts, University of Zimbabwe.
Through C.G.’s efforts, many whites have learned that there were blacks of the highest calibre in any field. We need people like him … people who are dedicated to the cause of unity and who know no colour bar. - Frederick Cleary, the Times, London.
Tracey: A human dynamo with flair for innovation. - Tendayi Kumbula.




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