African Gifts of the Spirit by David Maxwell

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This book considers the rise of born-again Christianity in Africa through a study of one of its most dynamic Pentecostal movements. David Maxwell traces the transformation of the prophet Ezekiel Guti and his prayer band from small beginnings in the townships of the late 1950s to the present day transnational business enterprise, which is now Zimbabwe Assemblies of God, Africa. ZAOGA claims one and a half million members in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa and has branches in numerous other African countries, Europe and the USA. In particular this book illuminates Africa’s relations with American Christianities, black and white. The combination of history with fascinating participatory material makes this book the best and most illuminating account ever written of an African initiated church … A remarkable work of scholarship.

Terence Ranger, University of Oxford.

ISBN: 978 1 77922 052 3
pp. 320; 234 x 156mm