Running With Mother - a child's tale of Gukurahundi killings

Christopher Mlalazi's novel spares no detail of the 1980s atrocities, side effects making it a particularly poignant read after recent elections in Zimbabwe

Fungai Machirori for HerZimbabwe, part of the Guardian Africa Network

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Review of Running with Mother

'Wasafiri' Issue 2015

Chioniso and Other Stories
Shimmer Chinodya

Running with Mother
Christopher Mlalazi

Reviewed by Ranka Primorac

In these two engaging books by male Zimbabwean authors (one well established, more about the other coming up fast). The hackneyed notion of 'the Zimbabwean crisis' gives way to thoughtful probing of the continuities of love, suffering and change.

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Review: Running With Mother - Harare News

Rudo, purchase the protagonist in the story is set against a problem, a violent conflict in her village – which leads to an escape for her and her mother and aunt. The danger the protagonist faces is emphasised by stages as the tension slowly builds up to a dramatic climax.

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Review: Running With Mother - The Zimbabwean

Running with Mother by Christopher Mlalazi.
Weaver Press, 140 pp.

Published in The Zimbabwean
Issue 44. 2.11.12

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