Shimmer's Writing About Madness Not a Sign of Madness - Ignatius Mabasa

The Herald
20 JANUARY 2015

‘Personally, I have madly enjoyed writing about madness and exploring the logic of madness through poetry, novels and short stories. I find madness a powerful and sincere device to explore and venture where polite and sane writing refuses to go. This is why I detest linking the works of a writer to their lives – even if writing may be greatly influenced by our lives.’

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Review of Strife - dailynews

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Review of Strife - Franziska Kramer

Shimmer Chinodya`s Strife – translated into German as Zwietracht

Book launch – Reading at the ZGS in Harare 14th of April 2011

By Franziska Kramer

Welcome everybody! My name is Franziska Kramer, I am a MA Postcolonial Literature student from Leeds University, co-launching Chinodya’s German version of Strife – translated as Zwietracht – this evening on behalf of Weaver Press publishers Harare. Just a little note on tonight’s procedure: first, I will try to give you a brief introduction to the author Shimmer Chinodya, and then consider the themes and topics dealth with in the novel Zwietracht,l ooking at how they can be positioned in the canon of Zimbabwean and (what is sometimes misleadingly called) African literature and how the German readership (that is, reviewers in newspapers) might react towards the novel.

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Review of Strife (In German) - Dr Thomas GroB

Thomas Groß
Europäer könnten aus der afrikanischen Literatur nicht nur Neues über Afrika, sondern auch über sich selbst erfahren, ist Indra Wussow überzeugt. Deshalb gibt die Sylter Autorin und Kultursponsorin jetzt im Heidelberger Wunderhorn-Verlag die Reihe „Afrikawunderhorn“ heraus.
Drei neue Titel legt sie vor pro Jahr – Bücher zeitgenössischer Autoren, die auch am erwähnten Anspruch zu messen sind. Soeben erschienen ist der Roman „Zwietracht“ des zimbabwischen Autors Shimmer Chinodya.

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Review of Strife - Dr Thomas GroB

Review of Zwietratcht (Strife) by Shimmer Chinodya,

reviewed by Dr Thomas GroB

Mannheimer Morgen 3.2.2011, Germany

This review is translated here by Adad Hoesch

Indra Wussow is convinced Europeans can learn something through African literature not only about Africa, cialis usa but about themselves. The (island- of- )Sylt -based author and sponsor for culture is publishing therefore in the Heidelberg-based publishing house ‘Wunderhorn’ (reminiscent of ‘The Youths Magic Horn’, a collection of folk Songs, edited by Clemens Brentano and Achim v. Arnim in 1805 -1808) a series of publications, named ‘Africa-Magic-Horn’. The aim is to publish three high quality new books by contemporary African authors each year. Recently, the novel ‘Strife’ (Zwietratcht ), by the world renowned Zimbabwean author Shimmer Chinodya, was published in Germany.  It was translated from English by Manfred Loimeier, edited by him and has a helpful glossary and epilogue. Dr Loimeier, is a well-known Africanist and journalist of this newspaper.

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Review of Strife - Zim literature

Le Mauricien


Sunday 09 of may 2010.

Littérature d'Afrique du Sud

Shimmer Chinodya Vivre l'histoire au travers de la mémoire

La littérature d'Afrique du Sud a été, on le sait, cialis sale jusqu'à tributaire de l'histoire de l'Afrique du Sud. L'entretien accordé par l'écrivain zimbabwéen Shimmer Chinodya à Harare lors du voyage culturel organisé  par Arterial Network témoigne de la nécessité vitale de l'écriture dans l'Afrique australe, de la diversité de cette littérature. L'écriture de Chindoya fondée sur l'analyse, la mémoire, aide à  une meilleure compréhension de la culture zimbabwéenne au 21ème siècle.

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Review of Strife - African Publishing Book Records

Shimmer Chinodya
Harare: Weaver Press, 2006.
223 pp. £12.95 pap. ISBN 9781779220585
[African Books Collective]

Strife is the most recent novel from the Zimbabwean writer Shimmer Chinodya, viagra who has also produced short stories, children’s books and secondary school texts, as well as the script for an award-winning film. Strife adds to Chinodya’s accomplishments by having won the 2007 Noma Award for Publishing, an annual competition for books published by African writers in Africa.

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Review of Strife - The Sunday Nation

The Sunday Nation: Books & Culture
25 November, 2007

Author’s Hope For Zimbabwe
Chinodya delves into country’s historical past in order to reconstruct it
By Lennox Odiemo-Munara

The winning of the 2007 NOMA Award For Publishing in Africa by the Zimbabwean author Shimmer Chinodya for his novel Strife (2006) is significant. For the author, it shows his steady progress into a master craftsman and, broadly, it exhibits the coming to flower of the Zimbabwean literary process.

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Review of Strife - Mukai

Mukai Jesuit Journal for Zimbabwe
No. 39 May 2007

‘Science, Bones or Bibles?’
Strife by Shimmer Chinodya. 2006. Harare: Weaver Press, 223 pp.
Reviewed by Oskar Wermter SJ

The story of this story of culture conflict is a well-established Zimbabwean novelist who wrote Dew in the Morning (1982), a classic describing traditional village life, followed by Farai’s Girls (1984) and Harvest of Thorns (1989), a story of war.

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Review of Strife - Cultural Tension


Ezra Chitando

This paper was presented at the Pamberi Trust, Book Café, on 21st August, 2008 in a discussion entitled: “The novel STRIFE by Shimmer Chinodya explores the tension between the power of tradition and the forces of modernity. What are the role models for men in today's society? What do we expect of the good father, husband, citizen, son? What are the tensions that polarise views at this time?”

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