Review of Versions of Zimbabwe - The Zimbabwean

Reviewed in The Zimbabwean week ending Saturday 10th September, 2005

1. Challenging 'Patriotic History'  BY FLORA VEIT-WILD  Versions of Zimbabwe: New Approaches to Literature and Culture Ed. By Robert Muponde and Ranka Primorac, Harare: Weaver Press, 2005.

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Review of Versions of Zimbabwe - Robert Muponde

REViEW EssaY • • •
De-silencing the Past—
Challenging “Patriotic History”:
New Books on Zimbabwean Literature
FLora Veit-WiLD
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Versions of Zimbabwe:
New approaches to Literature and Culture
eD. roBert MUPoNDe aND raNka PriMoraC
Harare: Weaver P, 2005.
iSBN 1-86888-304-3 [available through african Books Collective, oxford, Uk;
for North america: Michigan State U]

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Review of Versions of Zimbabwe - Project Muse 2

Versions of Zimbabwe Edited by Robert Muponde and Ranka Primorac. Reviewed by Flora Veit-Wild, Humboldt University in Berlin.

This extract is forms part of a larger review essay that encompasses a discussion of  The End of Unheard Narratives: Contemporary Perspectives on Southern African Literatures by Bettina Weiss Female Identity in Contemporary Zimbabwean Fiction by Katrin Berndt African Oral Story-Telling Tradition and the Zimbabwean Novel in English by Maurice Taonezvi Vambe

The whole essay is available on Project Muse: Scholarly Journals on Line
This extract is reprinted on this website with permission of Flora Veit-Wild.

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