Book review: ‘A Casualty of Power’ - Comparing the Copperbelt

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Source: Book review: ‘A Casualty of Power’ Mukuka Chipanta • Comparing the Copperbelt


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Source: Zambian author focuses on China-Africa relations • The Herald


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The Herald posted the wrong photo of Mukuka

A review of A Casualty of Power in the Herald with the wrong photo of Mukuka.

Here is the real Mukuka Chipanta signing books at a book launch.

Mukuka Chipanta at book launch

A Casualty of Power - Reviewed by William R. Schreck, Jr.

If a talented story-teller encapsulates an entire culture and country, then this brave novel depicts nothing short of the new reality that is Africa, and it has the temerity to name the co-conspirators, whether they are African, Chinese or Western. In this sense this classic story is also a very modern one. Although Africans may appreciate this novel more, this perceptive analysis of modern-day Africa opens a path of exploration, especially for us non-Africans.

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A Casualty of Power - A review by T. L. Chinyanganya

A Casualty of Power reads something like a thriller, and it is as difficult to put down, while simultaneously exploring some of the fundamental issues bedevilling post-colonial Africa. The experiences that Hamoonga Moya, the Zambian protagonist, endures will resonate with many in the sub-region. Corruption in high places and the recolonization of assets by our fair-weather friends offers a reality that we are quick to recognise. Hamoonga, a hopeful young student, becomes inadvertently caught up in a web of corruption and violence, suffering for crimes that he never committed.

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A Casualty of Power - Review By Gilbert Braspenning, Africa Book Link

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Source: A Casualty of Power • Read African Books

Speech by Milan Djordjevic at the launch of A Casualty of Power

A Casualty of Power

By Mukuka Chipanta

Launched by Milan Djordjevic

Honorary Consul of Austria


Tuesday, 29th November, 2016

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