Chingono, Julius

Julius ChingonoJULIUS CHINGONO (1946-2011) was born on a commercial farm.He worked for most of his life on the mines as a blaster. He had his poetry published in several Shona anthologies including Nhetembo, pharm Mabvumira eNhetembo and Gwenyambira between 1968 and 1980. His only novel, story ChipoChangu, price was published in 1978, an award-winning play, ‘Ruvimbo’, was published in 1980, and a collection of poetry and short stories,Not Another Day, in 2006. His poetry in English has also been published in several South African and Zimbabwean anthologies: Flags of Love (Mireza yerudo) (1983) and Flag of Rags (1996). He has contributed to Poetry International in the Netherlands both as a poet and as a diarist. Julius was published inWriting Still(2003), Writing Now(2005)and Laughing Now (2007). His short story ‘Maria’s Interview’ was translated into Shona in the anthology Mazambuko(2011).