The Stone Virgins by Yvonne Vera

A gentle but fearless book, The Stone Virgins explores the emotional and physical scars caused by warfare, and enables us to respond truthfully to the catastrophic depths of conflict.



Becoming Zimbabwe: A history from a pre-colonial period to 2008

  Becoming Zimbabwe is the first comprehensive history of Zimbabwe, spanning the years from 850 to 2008.In 1997, the then Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, Morgan Tsvangirai, expressed the need for a 'more open and critical process of writing history in Zimbabwe.

 Labour Law in Zimbabwe by Lovemore Madhuku

 This is a comprehensive textbook on Zimbabwean labour law. After detailing the history and purpose of the law, it offers a comprehensive review of contracts of employment, termination, the rights of organization and association, and collective bargaining. Dispute settlement is discussed within the contexts of the right to strike, conciliation and arbitration, and the role of the courts in adjudication.

Leading from behind by Maia Chenaux-Repond

Drawing on communications ‘rescued’ from the shredders in the last days of Rhodesia, enlivened by her photographs and memories – both those of her own and her colleagues – Maia Chenaux-Repond tells the story of her work as the Provincial Community Development Officer (Women) for Mashonaland South in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the 1970s.