Chingono, Julius

Julius ChingonoJULIUS CHINGONO (1946-2011) was born on a commercial farm.He worked for most of his life on the mines as a blaster. He had his poetry published in several Shona anthologies including Nhetembo, Mabvumira eNhetembo and Gwenyambira between 1968 and 1980. His only novel, ChipoChangu, was published in 1978, an award-winning play, ‘Ruvimbo’, was published in 1980, and a collection of poetry and short stories,Not Another Day, in 2006. His poetry in English has also been published in several South African and Zimbabwean anthologies: Flags of Love (Mireza yerudo) (1983) and Flag of Rags (1996). He has contributed to Poetry International in the cheap authentic viagra Netherlands both as a poet and as a diarist. Julius was published inWriting Still(2003), Writing Now(2005)and Laughing Now (2007). His short story ‘Maria’s Interview’ was translated into Shona in the anthology Mazambuko(2011).