Afolayan, Jide Olugbenga

Jide Olugbenga AfolayanJide Olugbenga Afolayan (1971) is the third of six children. Both of his parents were teachers from Ekiti State in Yoruba speaking south-western Nigeria. Afolayan graduated from the University of Ibadan with a honours degree in Physics in 1991. After a year of compulsory National Youth Service, he became a Physics lecturer in The Federal Polytechnic of Ado Ekiti. He obtained an MA in Communications Physics from the Federal University of Technology in Akure, Nigeria and is currently working towards a Ph.D. Afolayan says, ‘I grew up in a house full of books and I and my siblings read everything we could – Hans Christian Andersen, Wole Soyinka, Leo Tolstoy, Richard Wright, Chinua Achebe, Thor Heyerdahl, even Homer. I remember competing with my sister to see who would finish the Complete Works of Shakespeare first.’ He began to write as an undergraduate – campus newspaper articles, short stories and plays inspired by lessons from scripture and then began producing them for the church. He hopes to make a few into a video or CD of short Christian plays. His Play, Power Failure was published by Weaver Press as part of a four play collection, In the Continuum and Other Plays.