Compliments of the new year

Township Girls: The Cross-over Generation compiled - Nomsa Mwamuka et al

 This collection comprises the generic cialis cheapest india stories of women who grew up in two countries, Rhodesia, prior to Independence and Zimbabwe post-1980. The contributors reflect on their childhoods with refreshing candour. Many of their memories retain the crystalline clarity of childhood and thus provide insights into worlds that have often remained unexplored.

Behind these women stood dedicated, hard-working parents – often teachers, nurses or businessmen and women – determined that their children succeed though education. The commitment of this emerging middle class provides us with a tragic reminder of the negative obduracy of the Smith regime which consistently denied such citizens the vote.


Junctions - Daniel Mandishona

 Junctions is Daniel Mandishona’s second collection of short stories, following White Gods Black Demons (Weaver Press, 2009).

Again, he quarries the richness and variety of Zimbabwean lives to deliver characters and narratives spanning the social spectrum: political ambition and violence; beggars on city streets; family disputes at funerals; rural journies peppered with mishaps; corrupt policemen and discount viagra online born-again prophets; bus accidents, and township tailors. But if his subjects reflect grim realities, Mandishona’s treatment of his characters is achieved with a wonderful sardonic irony, capacious enough to give even the worst offenders a large humanity.


O suburbia - John Eppel

 ‘Eppel’s poetry rises above banal patriotism or futile optimism and sidesteps the realm of the politically correct. His poems resonate humour and warmth.’ Anthony Chennells

‘John Eppel is a craftsman of high order; a poet and novelist who savages complacency with deft ironies; and a man who is faithful to the complexities of his rootedness.’ Dan Wylie

‘Eppel has sent roots deep down into the soil.’ Nick Meihuizen