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The Stone Virgins - Yvonne Vera

  The Stone Virgin is a gentle but fearless book, The Stone Virgins explores the buy kamagra now online emotional and physical scars caused by warfare, and enables us to respond truthfully to the catastrophic depths of order vardenafil pharmacy conflict.

Masimba - Edited by Chiedza Musengezi

 Masimba inyaya pfupi dzakanyorwa ne madzimai eZimbabwe Women Writers Masimba chapupu, munongedzo wokuti madzimai ane ‘guhwa nenjere.’ Ibhuku rizere manzwi matsva akasimba, anosimbisa, anosekesa, anogumbura uyezve anonyevenutsa.

Girls on the Street - Rumbidzai Rurevo & Michael Bourdillon

 Why do some girls try to live their lives on the city streets? What happens to them when they find themselves there? How do they survive? Why do they not accept help to leave? Rumbidzai Rurevo spent two months researching these questions, helping where she could, and eliciting the stories of the girls' lives.

African Urban Experiences in Colonial Zimbabwe: A social History of Harare before 1925 - Tsuneo Yoshikuni

 This meticulously researched book about the township of Harari illuminates the contest between African workers and colonialism and the shaping of the urban landscape in early Harare as no other work has or probably will again: it is required reading.