Harvest of Thorns - Shimmer Chinodya

  Harvest of Thorns  tells the story of Benjamin Tichafa who grows up in Rhodesia in the discount viagra online 1960s. From a conservative, religious family, but exposed to the heady ideas of the black nationalist movements, the young student is pulled in different directions.Isolated and troubled at boarding school, he is provoked into leaving, making his way to Mozambique, and joining the freedom fighters.


Dew in the Morning - Shimmer Chinodya

 Dew in the Morning was written when the author, Shimmer Chinodya, was eighteen. The intensity of childhood memory is sharp and immediate. Godi, the young boy whose life we experience as he grows up, perceives more than he understands. The ambivalence or instability of the text lies at the juncture between the felt experience of the child, and the rational, interpretative, analysis of the adult.


We Need New Names - NoViolet Bulawayo

 We Need New Names is a clever, funny, wistful novel. Darling lives in a squatter camp in Bulawayo. With the penetrating intelligence of a smart child she tells us about her world: the friends she plays with – Bastard, Chipo, Godknows, and Sbho; the adults hoping for ‘real change’; the shame she feels when her father returns home from the generic cialis cheapest india mines of South Africa with AIDS; the extortionist prophets who prey on people’s fears…